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Image2ICO is a free online tool to convert PNG to ICO. It is free, fast and easy to use. It also can be used to compress image, crop image and resizing images. allows to convert any image to Base64 format online. The base64 string can be inturn userd as data URI, img src, CSS background-url and others. When you have to save the binary content of any image within a text document (for example, HTML, CSS, JSON, XML), you can encode it to base64 and save it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Files with ICO extension are image file types used as icon for representing an app on Microsoft Windows. They come in different color support, size and resolution to suit the requirements of how it should get display. On MacOS, ICNS file formats serve the same purpose as ICO files. provides the feature of creating such files and convert other image formats such as PNG and JPG. to .ico file format. This format is used as favicon for all websites.

  • provides following features for optimizing the images:

    • Easily convert from one formats to another: JPG to PNG to ICO
    • You should now be able to resize images based on ratio.
    • You should also be able to resize image based on pixel, height x width
    • Crop images, can remove background and make it transparent or crop area based on pixel
    • Compress image so that it makes your website faster and saves bandwidth.
    • Rotate image - 90 degree counter clockwise, 180 degree
    • Reverse or mirror your image.
    • Convert the image to greyscale or black and white.

  • You can choose from the following set of dimension for your .ico format:

    • 16 x 16
    • 32 x 32
    • 48 x 48
    • 64 x 64
    • 128 x 128
    • 256 x 256

  • It is a way of turning different types of data into a series of letters and numbers that is safe for HTML. One of those data types is images.

    • The main benefit for a base 64 encoded image on a webpage is it does not have to load an external image. Reducing the external call a webpage has make will naturally make the page load faster.
    • The main cons of a base64 images is it effects the websites seo as the image will not be indexed by search engines.